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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, and thank you for offering to write in one of these fandoms! I’m very excited to see what you write, and I hope my letter will be more helpful than frustrating. I’m including a number of prompts if you find that helpful. If you have an idea of your own, please go with that!

I'm Alona on AO3 and eugeniedanglars on Tumblr.


I am fine with canon levels of violence, horror, social injustice, problematic views, what-have-you for all these fandoms. I enjoy upbeat, fun stories but I also love to suffer dramatically about fiction, so whatever tone you go with will work for me.

Yes, please: people going on adventures; people being competent at their jobs; politics, variety court scheming and variety revolutionary, or anything in between; worldbuilding, particularly where it explores a world’s mythos; emotional catharsis; complicated family dynamics; domesticity (platonic or romantic) in unusual situations; hurt/comfort; outside POVs; non-linear or otherwise non-traditional story forms; situational humor; canon divergence AUs.

No, thanks: explicit sexual content; non-con; permanent memory loss; conflict based on easily resolved misunderstandings/general soap opera drama; adultery; out there AUs (modern day, coffee shop, etc.).


Vingt mille lieues sous les mers | Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne (Captain Nemo and Pierre Aronnax)

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Plain Kate – Erin Bow (Any)

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Imperial Radch Series – Ann Leckie (Anaander Mianaai)

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Yuletide 2013
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

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Yuletide! YULETIDE!!!
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Wow, it's been ages since I've posted... but you should absolutely, definitely read some of these lovely fics, maybe even all of them? It is the best Yuletide ever, just like every other Yuletide!

First, my totally fabulous gift:

And a brother is born for adversity. Kings

Rose wondering where William went wrong. With a great reverse structure and very believable gap-filling scenes. Gets more and more heartbreaking the farther on you go, and then it delivers the death blow. Love it.

Aaaand some other fics that struck me:

Heavy Is The Head, Scandal

This is the AU President Mellie fic I have always wanted. This is also the AU President Mellie fic you have always wanted, I promise you, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. SERIOUSLY GO READ THIS FIC, even if you don't watch this show, it is totally worth it, but of course it's even better if you do watch the show. Mellie is pretty much my favorite lady, and this fic showcases her complexity and ruthlessness beautifully. Reaaaad it.

Applied Heresy, His Dark Materials

A lovely meaty fic about Marisa Coulter, her scientific pursuits, and her affair with Lord Asriel. Almost twenty-thousand words, and basically every one of them perfect. If I tried to quote my favorite bits I would just quote the whole thing, but here's a line, more along world-building lines -- did I mention the world-building is excellent? -- that caught my interest:

Once he'd sent her a morbidly cheerful little picture-book called An Alphabet of Heretics, in which he had thoughtfully bookmarked all the natural philosophers. There were rather a lot of them. It had made her laugh, though, to see the note he'd written under "N is for Newton," and the woodcut of the man sitting under an apple tree, serpent daemon coiled around his throat. He was only a Cambridge man, Asriel had scribbled, so it cannot have been any great loss.

And by caught my interest I mean I had to pause to guffaw into a pillow for a solid minute.

Perigee, Asimov's Robot novels

It is a casefic! A casefic that could fit right into canon! With the best robot! I mean seriously the best robot, he is just too charming. And Mike and Greg are their delightful selves, and there's a great Susan Calvin cameo.

remember this when you are queen, Snow White and the Huntsman

An absolutely beautiful fic about exercising power as a woman, and what happens after you've defeated the evil queen.

maybe she's the quiet type who's into heavy metal, Revenge

An Emily-and-Nolan-best-revenge-friends-forever fic that is perfectly on key and perfectly them. Can't do better than the writer in summarizing it: In the Hamptons, no one can hear your BFF brutally gun down the ninja assassins hired to kill you by your bitter ex-boyfriend.

Thalassa Begat, Atlas Shrugged

Continuing the Yuletide tradition of making sure Ayn Rand never stops spinning in her grave, this is a great Hank/Francisco fic, tonally appropriate, not dogmatically overbearing.

Dear Yuletide Writer
ein jeder Engel ist schreklich
Dear Yuletide Writer,

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Yuletide reveals yay. I wrote:

Dirge Without Music, Kings, Vesper Abaddon and King Silas hanging out, being antagonistic, as you do with nemeses.

And also a treat, to the surprise of no one:

The Student and the Conspirator, Foundation trilogy, young Salvor Hardin being awesome, because Salvor Hardin is awesome.

They were both lots of fun.

Also happy twenty-twelve!

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My haul:

The Color Inside of My World, Hexwood, Vierran/Mordion, adorable.

Barriers, Hexwood, more Vierran/Mordion, absolutely beautiful.

A Naval Romance, Persuasion, Admiral Croft/Sophia Croft, perfect in every way.

Now excuse me while I run around in circles and shriek my head off in joy.

An incomplete and incomprehensibly incoherent assembly of recommendations:

Nine Men's Morris, The Dalemark Quartet, Hern and Kars Adon. Have we talked about how much I love Hern? Yes. Also this fic is great.

a flame in two cupped hands, the Magids series, Maree/Rupert but mostly Maree being excellent, this fic broke my heart a little and then stitched it back together quite handily.

Adéle Varens, Jane Eyre, Adéle, lovely both for being the story from another point of view and for really beautifully fleshing out Adéle.

Félicitations, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Bill/Jim, just, just, yes, this.

Oh, oh, and there are two Count of Monte Cristo fics that are Eugénie Danglars/Louise d'Armilly? And they're both beautiful? Can we talk about how this is the best of Yuletides? A Practical Method of Italian Singing and In Another Time. The latter in particular is just tremendous.


Dear Yuletide Writer
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Dear Yuletide Writer, I hope you’re ready for a whole lot of feelings.Collapse )

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LJing from work


can't wait till I get home


No icon is happy enough.

Yuletide! Some more!
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Hello, 2011! You are all expected to say twenty-eleven, because lost causes are the best causes.

I fell asleep a minute or two after midnight and slept for eight solid hours, because that's what you do when you've spent a surreal and unlikely night hanging out in an airport and a day artificially awake through far too much coffee.

Oh, and how, Yuletide reveals! I wrote a whole passel of stuff.

First, my actual assignment:

Monomania, Isaac Asimov's Robot novels, Mike/Greg

So, the best Yuletide assignment I could have gotten, possibly, ever. I'm not sure I quite lived up to my own vision of it, but I certainly had fun writing.

Then, treats:

Stepping Stone, Dollhouse, Adelle DeWitt

Because anyone who loves Adelle as much as I do should get all of the fic about her, all of the time. I ended up writing out an entire list of NYC Active names, because I'm a loser.

Options, Havemercy Series - Jones and Bennett, Caius/Alcibiades

Because I ship it like there's no tomorrow and have been waiting for a sliver of an excuse to write this fic ever since I read the book. Because what the hell, book. This is the one I pretty much can't stop fiddling with, so apologies to anyone who's been trying to read it. I think I might be done now.

And finally, a tiny Yuletide Madness double drabble:

Unique, Atlas Shrugged - Rand, Hank/Francisco

Because... because... I don't even have excuses here. This happened. Apparently it's not half bad?

But mostly what happened this Yuletide is that I remembered how very much I love writing, all the time. So here's to more writing in 2011! Yay.

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I had a baffled thing all typed up about how I can't seem to stop having awkward conversations about religion, but I've decided to talk about Yuletide instead, because Yuletide is full of joy, and I would rather be joyous than baffled.

I got two (!) fics this year! Hurrah!

Bang and Burn, a RED fic that has pretty much everything a RED fic needs: spies and guns and dancing and seduction, oh my! I am well pleased.

Also, I got a Good Wife fic called Ladies Who Lunch, and it's Kalinda/Diane? Which I never believed would actually happen? Because I consider it one of those pairings that no one ships except me and the few people I can bring over to my side? But this fic! This fic. It's perfect. The dialogue is perfect. Diane's thought processes are perfect. Perfect.

Overall: successful Yuletide. Now to see if I can fit in a couple more treats, as long as I'm not going anywhere for the rest of the day.


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