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I had a baffled thing all typed up about how I can't seem to stop having awkward conversations about religion, but I've decided to talk about Yuletide instead, because Yuletide is full of joy, and I would rather be joyous than baffled.

I got two (!) fics this year! Hurrah!

Bang and Burn, a RED fic that has pretty much everything a RED fic needs: spies and guns and dancing and seduction, oh my! I am well pleased.

Also, I got a Good Wife fic called Ladies Who Lunch, and it's Kalinda/Diane? Which I never believed would actually happen? Because I consider it one of those pairings that no one ships except me and the few people I can bring over to my side? But this fic! This fic. It's perfect. The dialogue is perfect. Diane's thought processes are perfect. Perfect.

Overall: successful Yuletide. Now to see if I can fit in a couple more treats, as long as I'm not going anywhere for the rest of the day.
Tags: incoherent squee, yuletide 2010
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