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Yuletide! Some more!

Hello, 2011! You are all expected to say twenty-eleven, because lost causes are the best causes.

I fell asleep a minute or two after midnight and slept for eight solid hours, because that's what you do when you've spent a surreal and unlikely night hanging out in an airport and a day artificially awake through far too much coffee.

Oh, and how, Yuletide reveals! I wrote a whole passel of stuff.

First, my actual assignment:

Monomania, Isaac Asimov's Robot novels, Mike/Greg

So, the best Yuletide assignment I could have gotten, possibly, ever. I'm not sure I quite lived up to my own vision of it, but I certainly had fun writing.

Then, treats:

Stepping Stone, Dollhouse, Adelle DeWitt

Because anyone who loves Adelle as much as I do should get all of the fic about her, all of the time. I ended up writing out an entire list of NYC Active names, because I'm a loser.

Options, Havemercy Series - Jones and Bennett, Caius/Alcibiades

Because I ship it like there's no tomorrow and have been waiting for a sliver of an excuse to write this fic ever since I read the book. Because what the hell, book. This is the one I pretty much can't stop fiddling with, so apologies to anyone who's been trying to read it. I think I might be done now.

And finally, a tiny Yuletide Madness double drabble:

Unique, Atlas Shrugged - Rand, Hank/Francisco

Because... because... I don't even have excuses here. This happened. Apparently it's not half bad?

But mostly what happened this Yuletide is that I remembered how very much I love writing, all the time. So here's to more writing in 2011! Yay.
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